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The Nightstalkers is a private group of military enthusiasts that formed in 1996 and based in Victoria, Texas. We consider ourselves a serious group who share a passion for small-unit tactical military simulations, with "objective-based scenarios". We strive to present ourselves accurately as reproductions of an elite black ops unit wrapped in low-intensity conflict deep in the jungles of Central America. These events are for those looking for a more in-depth military simulation experience, as opposed to the typical airsoft skirmish games.

The objective; make the overall event look and feel realistic.

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Just as the Nightstalkers patrol is about to push off, the bright half moon sails into chunks of dark cloud and the late-night sky dims. "Good,'' somebody mutters, less light for snipers. The point man gives the signal to move out; the team slowly walks onto a dirt jungle trail with a line of trees on both sides. The dark figures sliding along the trail are Nightstalkers, carrying assault rifles and pistols on their leg.

This is a military simulation airsoft special operations team on combat patrol into dangerous jungle country. These patrols are the meat and potatoes of what the Nightstalkers are doing in make-believe jungles on Saturday nights. This is not training. This is hardcore milsim airsoft.

The Commander checks the patrol's progress as they glide at a deliberate pace through a world of gray, from deep ebony shadows to the charcoal jungles. Weapons are on safety, heads are on swivel, and a frog suddenly croaks. Boots crunch on the limbs on the jungle floor. Eyes strain in the darkness for a telltale wire that would trigger the bright flash of a homemade bomb. Gun muzzles scan the night, ahead and behind.

Their purpose brings the patrol out this night: to keep the jungles secure from Nivek and his drug cartel Red-13, providing a welcoming cop-on-the-beat presence, and if the opportunity arises, to eliminate cartel members and associated criminal elements. The Red-13 rebel forces come out at night to work their intimidation and smuggle weapons and contraband, to hunt Americans and Honduran villagers, to demonstrate that the Nightstalkers can not protect the villages.

The team uses their naked eyes. Sweat drips from under their caps. Suddenly they pause, standing motionless. Crickets chirp and a distant owl screeches. Two minutes pass and they move on, past the place where the cartel members engaged a patrol in a firefight the week before, and then a hard left turn and across a ditch where the rebels are known to pass.

At an S curve in the trail, they stop and crouch behind low bushes. The rebels often cross the creek nearby and wait until long past nightfall to make their way into the jungle. The Nightstalkers are waiting for them. It is quite likely each group, Nightstalkers and the rebel forces, is crouched in silence, sweating, breathing lightly, and waiting for the other to move first. Sometimes the rebels, sensing an armed enemy waiting, will simply melt away.

Half an hour passes. A shadow creeps along a wall of bushes. An armadillo approaches, digs a little and retreats. The silence deepens. Time stretches. With heavy boots and tactical-vests and replica assault weapons, they wait, scarcely breathing.

"Hey! We are movin,'' comes a quiet whisper over their radio headsets from Ranger-22, point man for the night. The team slowly stands, stretching aching limbs. The patrol assembles into combat formation and moves off silently, warily scanning jungle ditches and other potential ambush sites. Behind us, the lit window falls dark. The hunt continues.

"You won't believe how Victoria MILSIM airsoft is so much like the real thing."

~ U.S. Army Sgt E. Mikus

"Victoria MILSIM airsoft made me feel like I was back in Special Forces training."

~ U.S. Marines 'Force Recon' Sgt R. Lopez

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The Nightstalkers is a supporting member of the United States Joint Task Force.

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