How to perform gymnastic acrobatic elements?
Acrobatics - a sport that is fascinating. To perform acrobatic exercises you need to be healthy. It requires a lot of hard work and daily training. Let's look at the…

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Joint gymnastics for beginners from Sergey Bubnovsky
The Bubnovsky technique is used worldwide to treat joints. It is based on physical exercise and prevents many diseases of the motor system. And it has features, they must be…

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Quantity or quality: what is more important in berpie?
If you were once offered to do one exercise instead of ten and promised to lose weight and tone your muscles, you would hardly believe in this possibility. What is…

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What worries a person from time immemorial? Not many things. Among them – surprise before the heights of the human spirit and admiration for the beauty and strength of his body. In no other field are these qualities expressed so vividly as in sports.
Sport is a surprise to the heights of the human spirit and admiration for the beauty and strength of its body.
Sport is a surprise to the heights of the human spirit and admiration for the beauty and strength of its body.
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Female fitness and perfect bust

The popular myth that exercise is harmful to the chest, has long been debunked. If you want your breasts to be in shape, run to the gym. Regular workouts will help keep the muscles of the breast in good shape, which will give the breast seductive shape. Fitness – your faithful assistant in this matter. You can also train on simulators, but a complex trainer for pectoral muscles should be developed by a competent trainer.
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What is aqua aerobics

Aqua aerobics is more a form of fitness than a sports discipline. It is a set of various exercises in the pool, including swimming elements. Doing aqua aerobics is useful for those who want to tighten the muscles of the body, develop coordination of movements, have a beautiful figure. Therefore, before you begin to engage in it, you need to study and take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of aerobic exercise in water.
The advantages are that:
– by itself, being in water already has a positive effect on human health: depression goes away, fatigue is removed;
– there is a small load on the spine compared to occupations in the hall; Continue reading

In the understanding of some people, a healthy child should be plump. Greater attention is not given to excess weight: it is believed that when the child grows up and…


What do you know about man's muscles?
Undoubtedly, many of you will answer that we need muscles only for strength and for holding some kind of weights, both in the gym and in everyday life. For someone…


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Industrial gymnastics - for the benefit of the company
Australian scientists from the Australian University of Queensland have shown that there is almost no benefit from a morning jog if a person then sits at his desk for several…


Female fitness: which is better for keeping fit
In the modern world, a slim figure with elastic, not hanging muscles, having, nevertheless, female attractiveness, is adopted as the ideal of a female physique. In this form it is…