How to pump up the press: everything is simple
The abdominal region consists of four muscle groups. The transverse abdominal muscle (transversus abdominis) lies inside, supporting your internal organs. Internal oblique muscles run diagonally from the pelvis to the…

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Sport in the life of a woman after giving birth
Every woman has a different recovery period after giving birth. Before you start to play sports and give the body increased physical activity after carrying a child, you should consult…

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Unusual, but gaining in the form of training
Sometimes the usual forms of fitness bother and do not cause any more interest. Recently, however, new forms are gaining popularity, which are based on an unusual and even slightly…

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Fitness in the pool

Many people who want to keep fit and have a beautiful figure know that fitness classes in the pool are very effective and beneficial for their overall health. The main advantage of performing various exercises in water is the complete lack of possibility of injury.
When performing a set of exercises, tension of various muscles of the body occurs, as a result of which the body consumes more energy. Such exercises are suitable for people suffering from overweight. Continue reading

How to develop flexibility?

What determines the flexibility of a person? Is it important for athletes and ordinary fitness enthusiasts? Answers to these and many other questions regarding flexibility can be found in this article.
What is flexibility?
If various sports terms are omitted, then flexibility is the ability of the human body to make movements with a large amplitude. At the same time, the word “big” is understood to mean such a breadth of movement that exceeds the standard one performed in everyday life.
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Walking up the stairs – go up correctly

In this article we will talk about this kind of fitness. Like walking on the stairs. We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this method, as well as talk about the technique and the effectiveness of such exercises.
If you have been interested in losing weight for a long time, you’ve probably come across a phrase like “add more activity to your normal life, replace the elevator with a ladder”. And at first, such advice sounds really a bit strange, because how much can you improve the result if, instead of going up the elevator, you walk a couple of floors? Many believe that such minor changes will not lead to great achievements in the fight against kilograms. Continue reading

What worries a person from time immemorial? Not many things. Among them - surprise before the heights of the human spirit and admiration for the beauty and strength of his…


Acrobatics for children: what is useful and harmful
Acrobatic skills quickly come to the initial level, if not deal with regularity. Riding a bike or swimming will remain forever, but flexibility, strength and agility must be trained. Talk…


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Joint gymnastics for beginners from Sergey Bubnovsky
The Bubnovsky technique is used worldwide to treat joints. It is based on physical exercise and prevents many diseases of the motor system. And it has features, they must be…


In the understanding of some people, a healthy child should be plump. Greater attention is not given to excess weight: it is believed that when the child grows up and…