The result of fitness: why not improve physical fitness?
Have you noticed that after long workouts and proper nutrition - the result of fitness is absent? It happens that a person goes in for sports, but notices that he…

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Amateur sport is so good that there are no restrictions and stringent requirements. You can practice for your own pleasure and not strive for victorious heights. Although, if desired, an…

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Healthy lifestyle for everyone - start walking
Usually walking is not considered as a serious load, as a result of which a person stays idle. Walking is much more useful than many people think; walking changes every…

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BOSU fitness

The name of bosu-fitness comes from the simulator of the same name, which commemorates the hemisphere or half of the fitball. More specifically, bosu is a plastic platform in diameter of about 60 – 65 centimeters. It is located rubber hemisphere height of 30 – 35 centimeters.
The stiffness of the hemisphere is adjustable – just release a small amount of air and it will decrease. Fine tuning is necessary for the effective implementation of various exercises and for the opportunity to engage people with different physical training. You can use bosu in different ways: base up or base down. You can jump, sit down, and keep balance – it all depends on the result that you want to achieve.
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Yoga for weight loss – types and exercises

The concept of yoga comes from Indian culture. It includes spiritual practices and exercise in order to achieve a person’s elevated state or nirvana.
Many people confuse yoga and fitness, because they see it in the schedule of halls. But these are different directions: yoga works both on the body and on the mind.
First, during intense breathing exercises, the body is saturated with oxygen and the metabolism is accelerated. Due to this, weight loss will be more effective. Continue reading

Walking up the stairs – go up correctly

In this article we will talk about this kind of fitness. Like walking on the stairs. We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this method, as well as talk about the technique and the effectiveness of such exercises.
If you have been interested in losing weight for a long time, you’ve probably come across a phrase like “add more activity to your normal life, replace the elevator with a ladder”. And at first, such advice sounds really a bit strange, because how much can you improve the result if, instead of going up the elevator, you walk a couple of floors? Many believe that such minor changes will not lead to great achievements in the fight against kilograms. Continue reading

Acrobatics for children: what is useful and harmful
Acrobatic skills quickly come to the initial level, if not deal with regularity. Riding a bike or swimming will remain forever, but flexibility, strength and agility must be trained. Talk…


Quantity or quality: what is more important in berpie?
If you were once offered to do one exercise instead of ten and promised to lose weight and tone your muscles, you would hardly believe in this possibility. What is…


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