How to Make the Body Fit: Secrets of Hollywood Stars
Hollywood stars! It’s Surprisingly, It’s Your Health. They will help you build a perfect body. It is a lot of people who want to get rid of fat and achieve…

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Principles of fitness and general health
In order to achieve any goal in fitness, training and nutrition must comply with the general principles of health. These principles are the same for everyone who cares about the…

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How to look for motivation for sports for men and women?
In sports, the person becomes different. His outlook and attitude towards life is changing. Thoughts become cleaner. However, to begin to engage you need to find individual motivation. Let's look…

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Fitness at the age of 50+

Most people aged 50 years and older do not get enough physical activity, they lead a sedentary life and pay with health. After 50 years it is important to do fitness.
Most people aged 50 and over do not get enough physical activity. They lead a sedentary lifestyle and miss the opportunity to prevent many diseases. Fitness is needed at any age, especially after 50 years, physical activity will bring physical and emotional health, good mood. The program for training should be moderate, appropriate age. Health professionals identify at least eight reasons to train at the age of 50 years or more.
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What is the use of triathlon?

Triathlon training is not only available to athletes participating in competitions. Triathlon and get all the benefits of this sport can anyone who wants.
Triathlon can bring many advantages to your life, this is one of the reasons for its popularity in the modern world. There are many reasons why more and more people decide to make triathlon a part of their lives, the main of which is physical benefits, health benefits and body beauty. Continue reading

Joint gymnastics for beginners from Sergey Bubnovsky

The Bubnovsky technique is used worldwide to treat joints. It is based on physical exercise and prevents many diseases of the motor system. And it has features, they must be considered in the process of implementation.
What features does S. Bubnovsky’s joint gymnastics have?
According to statistics, every 3rd person on Earth has a disrupted motor apparatus due to a slow-moving rhythm of life. By performing simple exercises for beginners according to S. Bubnovsky, you will be able to eliminate the negative consequences. At the same time it is necessary to move correctly. A set of exercises based on the following: Continue reading

Exercises for flexibility. Best exercises
What is body flexibility, what does it depend on and why does it need to be developed? What role does flexibility play in sports and everyday life? How to work…


Female Fitness: Myths about women in the fitness industry
In the gym, we find a distinction between the loads for men and women's fitness In almost any sports hall, you can see a clear distinction between simulators: for cardio…


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Yoga for weight loss - types and exercises
The concept of yoga comes from Indian culture. It includes spiritual practices and exercise in order to achieve a person's elevated state or nirvana. Many people confuse yoga and fitness,…


How to keep your body in shape
Everyone wants to look good, but not everyone knows the basic principles that should be followed in order to keep yourself in excellent physical shape and be healthy. In this…