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Exercises for flexibility. Best exercises
What is body flexibility, what does it depend on and why does it need to be developed? What role does flexibility play in sports and everyday life? How to work…

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Female Fitness: Myths about women in the fitness industry
In the gym, we find a distinction between the loads for men and women's fitness In almost any sports hall, you can see a clear distinction between simulators: for cardio…

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10 fun ways to become more active
Do you know that an active lifestyle is good for your health and body, but you can’t force yourself to start playing sports? There are many alternative opportunities to be…

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Sport in the life of a woman after giving birth

Every woman has a different recovery period after giving birth. Before you start to play sports and give the body increased physical activity after carrying a child, you should consult with the gynecologist and find out how much the body has recovered after pregnancy and childbirth.
All young mothers are different: someone is already starting to run in the second month after giving birth, and someone needs a longer time to recover. On average, a woman needs about 100 days to fully recover from childbirth. During this period, doctors do not recommend engaging in hard sports and overloading the body, even if the child is on artificial feeding. If there are tears during the birth, you can play sports after six months to avoid the danger of seam divergence. Continue reading

Industrial gymnastics – for the benefit of the company

Australian scientists from the Australian University of Queensland have shown that there is almost no benefit from a morning jog if a person then sits at his desk for several hours in a row, and that the employees simply need at least minimal gymnastics.
According to the study (scientists studied data on 4,757 patients from 2003 to 2006), people whose professional duties were not limited to sitting at the computer, weight gain was not detected, and passive office plankton not only recovered, but also got dangerous indicators blood cholesterol levels.
Scientists recommend introducing regular sports breaks into the work schedule, which will not affect the performance of the enterprise, but, most likely, will make employees healthier and, as a result, more efficient. Continue reading

Female fitness: which is better for keeping fit

In the modern world, a slim figure with elastic, not hanging muscles, having, nevertheless, female attractiveness, is adopted as the ideal of a female physique. In this form it is also unacceptable the presence of any flabbiness, and even more the presence of cellulite, even in the smallest quantity. For this reason, many different ways were invented to give the figure of the above qualities. Among other methods, feminine fitness stood out and was widely adopted. The gym for women has become a kind of second job. Strength training for women has become an integral part of the training program. Were invented and exercises for getting rid of cellulite. Continue reading

Unusual, but gaining in the form of training

Sometimes the usual forms of fitness bother and do not cause any more interest. Recently, however, new forms are gaining popularity, which are based on an unusual and even slightly experimental approach. Here are six such workouts, with which you can lose weight and develop the body:
1. Zumba
Zumba is an energetic workout based on different types of dance. If you choose zumbo classes in the classroom, you will come across the usual form of training when the group repeats the movements behind the instructor. Activities are very diverse, interesting and energetic, so you burn calories and improve your physical condition. Continue reading

Female fitness and perfect bust

The popular myth that exercise is harmful to the chest, has long been debunked. If you want your breasts to be in shape, run to the gym. Regular workouts will help keep the muscles of the breast in good shape, which will give the breast seductive shape. Fitness – your faithful assistant in this matter. You can also train on simulators, but a complex trainer for pectoral muscles should be developed by a competent trainer.
You can “tighten” your chest if you are engaged in sports in which the main load falls on the shoulder girdle. Continue reading

Protein. How to take to grow steel muscles?
Millions of people every day are wondering - how to bring your body in perfect condition? It would seem, and in the hall do regularly, and eat properly, and the…


What is the use of triathlon?
Triathlon training is not only available to athletes participating in competitions. Triathlon and get all the benefits of this sport can anyone who wants. Triathlon can bring many advantages to…


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