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How to Make the Body Fit: Secrets of Hollywood Stars
Hollywood stars! It’s Surprisingly, It’s Your Health. They will help you build a perfect body. It is a lot of people who want to get rid of fat and achieve…

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Industrial gymnastics - for the benefit of the company
Australian scientists from the Australian University of Queensland have shown that there is almost no benefit from a morning jog if a person then sits at his desk for several…

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What worries a person from time immemorial? Not many things. Among them - surprise before the heights of the human spirit and admiration for the beauty and strength of his…

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6 bad habits in fitness

We are engaged in fitness in order to deal with the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, and this is commendable. Not a few bad habits can make every effort in fitness in vain.
We are engaged in fitness in order to deal with the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, we make efforts to achieve our goals. It’s a shame, but just a few mistakes in fitness can make all the efforts in vain.
If you are interested, then you most likely suspect that you are doing something wrong, and your fitness goals seem unattainable. Errors in fitness can not have anything to do with the selected workouts, the number of repetitions and approaches. As a rule, mistakes go beyond the limits of the training process, get rid of them, and then the training will begin to bring the long-awaited result. Continue reading

Joint gymnastics for beginners from Sergey Bubnovsky

The Bubnovsky technique is used worldwide to treat joints. It is based on physical exercise and prevents many diseases of the motor system. And it has features, they must be considered in the process of implementation.
What features does S. Bubnovsky’s joint gymnastics have?
According to statistics, every 3rd person on Earth has a disrupted motor apparatus due to a slow-moving rhythm of life. By performing simple exercises for beginners according to S. Bubnovsky, you will be able to eliminate the negative consequences. At the same time it is necessary to move correctly. A set of exercises based on the following: Continue reading

Pharmacology in bodybuilding or permitted anabolics

Professional athletes, bodybuilders, other fans of “muscular” sports often resort to the use of additional drugs. Such means of achieving the goal are fraught with health problems, but there are permitted drugs that will be discussed further.
Features of pharmaceutical support in sports
Pharmacology in bodybuilding today is developing progressively, actively offering a large number of supplements that allow you to effectively gain muscle mass in a short period. Continue reading

What you need to know about Pilates?

Before you sign up for Pilates, you need to know some things about this direction. What is pilates? What goals do pilates allow to achieve? Who needs to do pilates?
Pilates is not as popular as yoga, so most people are not aware of its benefits. If yoga is familiar to many personally or through acquaintances, then Pilates is surrounded by mystery. Pilates training is aimed at strengthening small stabilizing muscles throughout the body. Before you sign up for a pilates class or ignore this direction, you need to know a few facts about it. Continue reading

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How to look for motivation for sports for men and women?
In sports, the person becomes different. His outlook and attitude towards life is changing. Thoughts become cleaner. However, to begin to engage you need to find individual motivation. Let's look…


Absolutely everyone has probably heard about this popular game. Football is the most common game, because it is not in vain around the world that it is called sports at…


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Baby hardening is especially important for toddlers of infants and debilitated children (premature, suffering from malnutrition, rickets, diathesis, or other allergic diseases). Child hardening is based on the property of…


Female fitness and perfect bust
The popular myth that exercise is harmful to the chest, has long been debunked. If you want your breasts to be in shape, run to the gym. Regular workouts will…