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Truth and bodybuilding rumors
In order for bodybuilding to be successful, it is necessary to pump not only muscles, but also the brain. Body construction is impossible without real information on the basis of…

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How to pump up the press: everything is simple
The abdominal region consists of four muscle groups. The transverse abdominal muscle (transversus abdominis) lies inside, supporting your internal organs. Internal oblique muscles run diagonally from the pelvis to the…

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Fitness in the pool
Many people who want to keep fit and have a beautiful figure know that fitness classes in the pool are very effective and beneficial for their overall health. The main…

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Fitness in the pool

Many people who want to keep fit and have a beautiful figure know that fitness classes in the pool are very effective and beneficial for their overall health. The main advantage of performing various exercises in water is the complete lack of possibility of injury.
When performing a set of exercises, tension of various muscles of the body occurs, as a result of which the body consumes more energy. Such exercises are suitable for people suffering from overweight. Continue reading

Sport and pregnancy

A visit to the fitness club is one of the integral parts of the life of modern girls. Physical activity has a beneficial effect on the body, keeps muscles in shape and helps to fight excess weight.
But with the onset of pregnancy, the lifestyle of most women is changing dramatically. Future mothers are afraid to play sports in order not to harm the child, but, at the same time, they do not want to lose the figure that they have been working on for a long time.
Research scientists have shown that moderate exercise during pregnancy has a positive effect on the development of the baby and the health of the mother. Continue reading

How to Make the Body Fit: Secrets of Hollywood Stars

Hollywood stars!
It’s Surprisingly, It’s Your Health. They will help you build a perfect body. It is a lot of people who want to get rid of fat and achieve a Hollywood figure. However, a body can only be obtained by exhausting work on oneself.
Complex training
Bodybuilders bodybuilders professional bodybuilders In fact, beginners should be taken. Stimulating all the muscles, you accelerate their growth. Thus, it would be a good idea to start a squat. This training mode saves time.
The list of exercises includes:
bench press; Continue reading

The result of fitness: why not improve physical fitness?

Have you noticed that after long workouts and proper nutrition – the result of fitness is absent?
It happens that a person goes in for sports, but notices that he has no effect on him. The physical form does not improve, health does not improve, nothing happens, even after weeks of hard work.
This really happens, and this is not just assumptions – this fact is confirmed by research scientists. Indeed, in some people, the body does not respond to physical exertion. As a result of unsuccessful efforts, such people often stop classes completely. Is it worth doing? Not.
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5 Exercises to Strengthen Leg Muscles That Are Better than Squats

This article will consider 5 exercises to strengthen the muscles of the legs, which are more effective than squats
These exercises to strengthen the muscles of the legs do not require any professional equipment, so they are perfect for daily trainings. If you spend at least half an hour a day on their implementation, a tangible result will come a few weeks later.
1. Body slopes on one leg with a weight
These exercises develop the muscles of the hips and buttocks and the best way to influence the back muscle group – one of the most vulnerable parts of the body of athletes. The exercise is performed as follows: Continue reading

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